10 Easy Tips For a Healthy Holiday season


10 Easy Tips For a Healthy Holiday season

After a long and challenging year, everyone is looking forward to a happy and celebratory Christmas and New Year's Eve holidays!

The holiday season is associated with warmth, comfort, family, joy, celebrations, delicious food and fun. Food and festivities often go together, and it can be quite hard to control temptation at the sight of the tables laden with all sorts of a delicious feast. The widespread laid with mouth-watering dishes and tempting pastries is a real challenge even for the most dedicated health advocates to be healthy during the holidays.

That's why Evolut offers an alternative way of eating healthily during the holidays so that you can lead a healthy lifestyle and your celebrations with your family and friends are cherished without health worries.

1. Choose plenty of plant-based options - fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, seeds and nuts, are always great for your health.

2. Choose fresh and ripe fruits and vegetables over frozen or canned variants. Fresh fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals and easily digestible add them to your high protein breakfast. Eat them whole, boil, steam or saute them for added flavour.

3. Start the day with fresh juices from fresh fruits and vegetables. Juices are best digested in the morning on an empty stomach. Choose fruits with low glucose levels. Citrus fruits are always a great option.

4. Have a fibre, fatty meal. Unrefined foods are rich in fibre. This includes brown rice, green buckwheat, millet, ragi, bajra, quinoa, oats, beans, lentils, chickpeas, mung dal etc. Fibres help us better eliminate food waste, help maintain adequate cholesterol levels. It is also great for the detoxification of our body.

5. Stick to an eating guide, choose whole-grain bread made from whole grain flours (rye, spelt, barley), with no added fat, but with seeds and nuts for flavour and texture. For those with gluten intolerance, we recommend whole grain gluten-free tortillas from corn, rice or millet flour.

6. Add flavour to your food with various spices such as fenugreek, celery, mint, oregano, basil, paprika, turmeric, dill, parsley and a few chilli spices such as white pepper, red pepper, ginger. Be careful with the salt; use it in small quantities for flavouring.

7. Eat only when you are starving. Only then, your body can work to digest and absorb nutrients. This enables weight loss, makes food more enjoyable, high in nutrients and energy.

8. Avoid sugar. The holiday season is a miss without desserts, so choose a healthy variant like a chia pudding over a chocolate fudge brownie.

9.. Eat-in a pleasant and healthy atmosphere with close friends and family at a beautifully arranged table with dishes.

10. Consult a fitness coach. Exercise as much as possible for your physical health is 50% based on blood circulation. Take regular short walks and do a few yoga asanas as well as more intense workouts and aerobics to achieve weight loss. Try to spend the weekends outdoors in nature; biking, in particular, is very good for your physical and mental health.